Hoi Chak Teen (Feet-pulling Shells): Nopparat Thara long stretch of beach is packed with locals and some tourists at the weekends, It is there, on the stalls and restaurants near the National Park Headquarters, that you can enjoy the Krabi's region caracteristic Hoi chak teen. Hoi chak teen, or wing shell, is in the Strombus Canxarium family. It looks like a conch but it is smaller and brown in color. Its special characteristic is its dark brown walking legs which are referred to as "feet" or teen (in informal Thai). To prepare the dish, the wing shell is soaked in salty water for about half an hour. A few crushed chilies are added to the water to make it spicy. The wing shell then begins to move, pushing its feet out and expelling the mud from inside. It is rinsed several times and then put into a pot of cold water. The pot is then put on the stove and when the water gets warm, the wing shell pushes its feet out. As soon as it is cooked, it is ready to be served, To eat the wing shell, you pull the feet with a toothpick and the mollusk will come out, Hoi chak teen is a popular savory snack dish eaten with a dip made of garlic, chilies, sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. The shells are also made into decorative items for the home or sold as souvenirs.

Som Shogun (Shogun Orange): The orange is popular because of its sweet taste. It has a thin rind and little pulp and is best eaten fresh. The orange tree flowers from March to June depending on the climate in the area and takes about one month for the fruit ot set. The fruit can be picked 8 to 9 months later. The most popular propagation method is by rooting branches. Orange growers usually wait until the tree is three years old before they start picking the fruit.

Batik: Brilliant colors and distinctive designs have made Krabi's batik cloth famous among tourists. Inspired by the natural surroundings, the sea and marine life, they are hand crafted piece by piece. Batik shirts, sarongs, skirts, bags and handkerchiefs are also popular souvenirs, You can see them being produced in the Ban Na Tin community center, on the way from Klong Haeng to Klong Muang.

Seashells: Seashell products rank among top-five most purchased souvenirs. They are made into ornaments and gift items including necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, mobiles, lampshades, photo frames, etc. The best places to buy them is at the Susaan Hoi, or Fossil Shell area, but there are selling stalls also in the vicinity of the Tha Pom entrance, in the Ao Thalane area.


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